6 Ways to Share Your Winter Stoke

The Bluebird vibe is all about bringing people together. Alongside our volunteers and guests, we’ve created a place for backcountry enthusiasts, new and old, to share adventures. With that in mind, 4 Pack and 10-Pack Pass bundles offer a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to share in the Bluebird experience in many different ways. There are no blackout dates or reservations for these passes, and they come with a ridiculous amount of flexibility to share them on any day with anyone.

Here are six creative ways to put your Pass Packs to good use this season:

A proper West Bowl party lap, tele turns included. Photo: Justin Wilhelm

1. Host a 10-person party on the mountain –

Party laps in the true backcountry are not always an option as avalanche conditions usually prescribe riding one at a time. Bluebird is different. Our professional ski patrol team manages Bear Mountain’s terrain, so you can lap slopes all day long, riding alongside your whole group. Save up to $291 off day passes (with the 10 Pack) and have some cash leftover for aprés drinks and s’mores by the base lodge campfire.

2. Test Out Future Backcountry Partners –

It’s important to know that you trust the people you’re touring with, as lives depend on backcountry knowledge and avalanche rescue skills. Going for a test run with potential backcountry touring partners at Bluebird before heading out for longer objectives is an easy (and fun) way to build friendship and trust. You can purchase a Pass Pack and share a few tickets with future partners to get a sense of compatibility level in a lower-consequence environment.

Practicing avalanche rescue skills at Bluebird’s beacon park is a great way to sharpen your skills and see how you and your partner work together. Photo: Doug McLennan

3. Get the Fresh Powder Without the Crowds–

For all those resort passholders who moonlight as backcountry powder hounds, adding a 4 Pack or 10 Pack to the mix this season gives you flexibility to avoid the lift lines and find fresh snow on blackout dates or busy weekends. No reservations are required with a Pass Pack, which makes a Bluebird pass the ideal access tool for storm-chasers.

4. Make It a Family Affair –

Do you have a Bluebird Season Pass but your family does not? Or maybe you are all new to the touring world. Getting a Pass Pack is a great way to share the backcountry experience with the family. We’ve got rental gear for all (kids included) along with introductory and advanced backcountry touring lessons. Introduce your family, or friends, to what the backcountry is all about… with a few added perks, like free bacon and live music!

Bluebird has a whole fleet of rentals, including skis and boots for kids. Photo: Rob McLennan

5. Win Them Over With an Unconventional Experience –

There is no better gift for a skier or boarder than fresh tracks. Give the gift of a 4 Pack or 10 Pack to friends or family (or that certain someone you’ve been crushing on) and join them for an unforgettable adventure at Bluebird Backcountry.

6. Do It All

The best part of these packs is that they are 100% transferable — you have total flexibility to make the most of your passes and season.  With the 10 Pack, you can mix and match how you use the pass packs all winter long. Bring the family two times, go on five dates at Bluebird, host a couple mountain parties, or give the gift of Bluebird to nine different people (plus yourself of course). 


Snow has already fallen in the high country of Colorado, and stoke for winter is building. If any of the above sound fun, you can get a head start on planning today. Set yourself up for a season of adventures with a 4 Pack or 10 Pack before prices go up on October 1st. You’ll be one step closer to the Best. Winter. Ever! 

Buy your 4 Pack or 10 Pack here.