Crush Your First Winter Camping Trip

Cold weather camping is a whole different beast — after all, it’s hard enough to want to leave the confines of our cozy sleeping bag even on a high alpine start in the summer. While the thought of roughing it in frigid temps may sound daunting, there are simple ways to embrace the chill and appreciate the facets of cold weather camping that make it so special. Read on for all the reasons you can – and SHOULD – crush your first winter camping trip at Camp Bluebird.

Location, Location, Location

Just like camping the rest of the year, be sure to park your rig in an amazing spot! You’ll want stellar views, a quiet place away from busy roads, and easy access to outdoor activities. Luckily, Bluebird’s new camping spot offers all three.

Now available in the main parking area at Bluebird’s base, your morning view will be the sun spilling over the glistening snowy peaks of Bear Mountain. More of a night owl? We promise our starry night skies will beat the socks off of anything you’ve seen in the Front Range. And thanks to our new location, you’re tucked away from road noise for a quiet and peaceful camping experience. But the best part of all is that you have zero commute to the best backcountry skiing northwest Colorado has to offer. No race to the parking lot, no I-70 traffic — just first dibs on powder turns all weekend long.

Camp with Amenities

We all have that friend on a camping trip who needs access to a bathroom every morning no matter what. Bathroom lovers rejoice, because Bluebird has you covered. Portable restrooms are available for campers all hours of the day and night, in addition to other superb amenities.

In the 2021/2022 Season, Bluebird has added a larger community area with picnic tables and a communal fire pit. So you have plenty of room in the evening to prep and cook your 12-ounce sirloin (well-deserved) or sip cider by the fire as you debate with friends which slope had the best powder turns of the day.

We also have a camp host on site all season long, so if your car battery tanks or your ride gets stuck in the fresh pow, we’re here to help.

Bring the Heat

Perhaps we’re stating the obvious, but staying warm is a top priority for winter camping. Luckily, keeping toasty doesn’t mean you have to have a tricked out camper van. With just a few steps, you, too, can sleep pleasantly through the night.

  • First, pack a warm bag! For a general rule of thumb, go with a sleeping bag that is rated for ten degrees lower than the outside temperatures. So if nighttime temps are dropping to 20 degrees, then go with a 10-degree bag — or a 0-degree bag if you run cold.
  • Second, sleeping pads are important for maximizing warmth and comfort too. If you don’t have a four-season pad, then stack two sleeping pads on top of each other or lay down a blanket for additional insulation.
  • Third, get into bed warm. Spend your evenings around the Bluebird shared campfire, telling ski stories before retreating to your sleeping bag. When you do turn in for the night, do a round of pushups to increase your body temperature before crawling into bed. You can also pour hot water into a Nalgene and tuck it away at your feet for an insulated bottle that will put off heat all night long.

Fuel Up

Unless you’re training for Everest or an intense winter backpacking expedition, there’s no need to pack light. That means you can travel with your gourmet espresso machine or your portable grill to start the day right. In fact, we encourage it, because fueling well is essential to shredding the slopes all day long.

But in case you forget your cooking fuel at home or you just want to hop in the car and go, we have you covered. Breakfast burritos and hot coffee are available for purchase every morning, and we have a variety of camping friendly foods available throughout the day as well. Have a suggestion on snacks and foods you’d like to see more of? Let us know over at Bluebird Backcountry Community.

Bring (or Meet) a Friend

Epic adventures build character — and friendship. So grab a friend and plan your first (or your 50th) winter camping trip at Bluebird Backcountry together. Camping at Bluebird costs just $25 per vehicle, so having a secondary heat-producer in your rig comes at no additional cost.

Or if you’re visiting solo, we love that too. We’re all about community at Bluebird, so bring yourself and s’more supplies and we guarantee you’ll be making friends and meeting new ski buddies in no time.

two women backcountry touring

Build the Stoke

Like any great adventure, the key to winter camping starts with getting stoked! Set a goal for the amount of vert you and a partner want to ski over the weekend, or test your skills on one of Bluebird’s new steeps. Make it your objective to get first tracks down The West Bowl on a powder day, or see who can transition the fastest at the top of Bear Mountain.

Whatever the reason, your winter camping will be all the more fun when it’s paired with a stoke-filled objective at Colorado’s one and only backcountry ski resort. Want more ideas? Check out our Events Calendar for a list of awesome activities happening at Bluebird.

Ready to toss the camping gear in the car and come stay with us? Purchase your Day Passes or Multi-Packs and reserve your camping experience today!

Need more info? Visit our Camping Page for more information and FAQs.