Packing List

We hope you’re excited for a day at Bluebird Backcountry!

Never been backcountry skiing before or a little rusty? No problem. Here’s a packing list with everything you’ll need to bring for a Bluebird day.

All of the items below are required unless marked as optional.


  • Backpack (we recommend 20–40L or larger in order to hold all of the equipment listed below)
  • Snow safety equipment, including avalanche beacon (modern, digital, three-antennae beacon with fresh batteries), avalanche probe, and avalanche rescue shovel—all three of these items are REQUIRED for all guests and staff anywhere on the mountain
  • Skis (with alpine touring or tele bindings) or splitboard (with touring bindings)
  • Climbing skins that properly fit your skis/splitboard
  • Touring boots that properly fit your bindings (and your feet!)
  • Adjustable poles

Don’t own something listed above? No worries! We rent all the items on this list (EXCEPT snowboard boots—our splitboards are compatible with regular snowboard boots, so if you’re renting a splitboard, please bring your own boots). Reserve your rental gear here.


As with most activities in the Colorado mountains, you’ll want to dress in layers. Remember that you’ll be traveling uphill as well as downhill, so bulky ski pants (like the kind traditionally worn at the ski area) may be too hot. 

  • Ski helmet (highly recommended)
  • Synthetic or merino wool (no cotton) base layers (top and bottom)
  • Fleece or similar synthetic mid-layer
  • Insulated (puffy) jacket
  • Water-resistant shell pants, ideally with vents
  • Water-resistant shell jacket
  • Ski socks
  • Light pair of gloves or glove liners
  • Warm pair of gloves or mittens
  • Neck gaiter or Buff
  • Warm hat
  • Ball cap or visor
  • Ski goggles
  • Sunglasses


  • Food.* We have a great selection of food and beverages for purchase, but you are responsible for your own food and water during the day. You will need enough to keep you going for a full day of touring! We recommend high-calorie food (1,200–1,500 calories) that you’ll actually eat. This can be in the form or your favorite bars, nut mix, jerky, sandwiches, burritos, etc. A thermos of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or electrolyte mix is also a nice treat
  • Water bottles, filled with at least 2 liters. Bladders (such as a Camelbak or Platypus) may freeze and stop working in sub-freezing temps
  • Sunscreen 30+ SPF*
  • Lip balm with sunblock*
  • Headlamp
  • We will have port-a-potties at the base area. Please use them! We also will have more primitive options on the mountain, at our warming huts. We also recommend bringing a personal toilet kit, such as a Restop poop-in-a-bag system, in case of an emergency. At minimum, bring a small Ziploc with toilet paper and travel-size hand wipes.
  • First aid kit. We will have ski patrol on site for major emergencies, but please come prepared for inconveniences such as blisters. We suggest at least a role of athletic tape and Moleskin, a few Band-aids, and basics like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.
  • Any regular or emergency medications you need
  • Any special items you need for an active day (e.g. knee brace or prescription sunglasses)
  • Toe warmers and/or hand heaters (optional)
  • Equipment repair kit (optional)
  • Backcountry basics such as ski strap, skin wax, and ski scraper (optional)
  • Camera (optional)

*Forget this item? We’ve got you covered—it’s sold at the base lodge.