Bluebird Snow Report: 1/6/21

We got a glorious 5+” refill on Tuesday:

Base Depth: 29″
Past 7-Day Snow Total: 20″
Current Conditions: Powder and wind drift
Terrain Open: West Bowl, Meat Hill
Reminder: We are not open this weekend but expect to reopen Thursday, January 14.

With 20” of new snow over the last week, snow conditions are improving rapidly. Last Tuesday’s storm came in warm and ended cold, which is a good scenario for snow stability as well as covering sub-snow hazards. This means we’re getting closer to opening new terrain!

Strong winds and new snowfall have created drifts 2–3 feet deep on leeward aspects. We are actively mitigating avalanche concern areas. With limited terrain and low snow conditions in the woods, slow skiing and cautious route finding is recommended.

Low pressure continues to wash over Northern Colorado this weekend, bringing lows in the single digits and highs near 23F. Light snowfall is expected from Thursday–Saturday with high-side totals around 2”. Winds from the south and west will come at 6mph, in the afternoons gusting to 15mph.