Waiting for Bluebird to open

6 Things to Do While You Wait for Bluebird to Open

It’s the final stretch – opening day is in sight, right there, circled in red on our calendars. The 29th of December (a nice prime number). With less than two weeks to go, though, it’s hard not to be impatient. Between the holidays and crazy schedules, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied until the Portal reopens. But if not…here are 6 things that’ll keep you busy before Bluebird opens.

Check out some Indy Pass mountains

Rediscover the spirit of skiing with the Indy Pass! Bluebird Backcountry is stoked to be one of 120+ ski areas accessible with the Indy Pass. There’s a ton of Indy Pass mountains around Colorado, from Sunlight Mountain Resort to Granby Ranch. 

Our suggestion? Make a road trip of it! With the Indy Pass, you get to spend 2 days at each location. It’s a great way to experience the unique, eclectic vibes these independent resorts offer. Find out more about the Indy Pass here.

Take your dog on a run

Skinning up mountains is hard (but fun!) work, and it’s important that your body is up to the challenge. Not to mention, if you plan to bring your dog to Bluebird, they’ve gotta be ready too. Head out on some runs with your dog to gear up for your season of human-powered skiing.

Sidewalks covered in snow? Make sure you have the proper footwear before running in a winter wonderland. Or, check out our pre-season exercise routine here.

Waiting for Bluebird to Open

Organize your backpack

The functionality of your backpack can make or break a day in the backcountry. Go crazy – lay out all your gear on the floor and see what’s what. Spending time setting up your backpack can really get the wheels turning: what do I want out of this season? Set some goals while you’re setting yourself up for success.

Reminder: Bring a backpack to Bluebird to carry required avalanche safety gear (not to mention snacks, water, and other essential items). We’ve got beacons, shovels, and probes available for rent.

Ski at one of our partner ski areas

Day at A-Bay, anyone? Bluebird season passholders get FREE ski days at our partner ski areas, including Arapahoe Basin, Monarch Mountain, Sunlight Mountain, and Powderhorn Mountain. For full details on this perk, check out our passholder benefits page here.

If you’re a season passholder and want to spend a day at one of our partner ski areas before Bluebird opens, simply bring proof of your season pass purchase to their ticket office.

Tune your skis

If you haven’t already, it’s time: get your touring gear ready to go. Whether you take ‘em in for a tune or do it yourself, come out speedy on opening day with your freshly tuned boards.

Don’t have your own touring setup? Remember – Bluebird offers on-site backcountry gear rentals. Reserve your rentals in advance here.

Note: We love our friends at mountainFLOW Eco-wax. They’re a great plant-based option that’s eco-friendly AND high-performing.

Pick up a new hobby

Nothing fills up my hours waiting for Bluebird to open quite like knitting does. I’ve been CRANKING out beanies for the holidays – my knitting is more dialed than my skiing right now, if I’m being honest. For you, it might be whittling, or quilting, or baking elaborate desserts. A new hobby will keep you busy til opening day.

See you out there December 29th!