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FAQ Spotlight: Should I stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Vail or at Bluebird?

We wanted to do a spotlight on one of our most frequently asked questions: Should I stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Vail or at Bluebird Backcountry? While this might seem like a fairly straightforward question, it is actually more convoluted than you would think. If you are coming to ski at Bluebird then it makes sense to stay at Bluebird and if you are coming to ski at Vail then it makes sense to stay at Bluebird. See? Not as straightforward as you thought. Even with a nearly two hour drive between the two locations it is likely more cost effective to stay with us and buy gas to drive to Vail.


bluebird backcountry brown bear cabins

Welcome home. Photo: Justin Wilhelm


Cost isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing where to stay, but it is a factor. And while we might be biased, we think you should pick us for lots of reasons — here are five.

5 Reasons You Should Stay at Bluebird This Winter


Zero Commute

Spending half of your day sitting in traffic to get to and from the ski mountain means you don’t get as much time doing what you drove all that way to do: go skiing. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to live on the mountain or in a ski town, so the commute is just something we have to begrudgingly accept. Bluebird was no exception to this reality last winter. But, we wanted to change that for this winter. We want you to be able to spend as much time as possible on the mountain, going skiing, and as little time as possible sitting in traffic. Enter Bluebird Basecamp. Zero commute lodging located on Bear Mountain. Simply open the door and go.


Keep Your Arms and Legs

Now maybe you’re thinking ski-in/ski-out slopeside lodging? Pshhhh, I can’t afford that. Unlike other ski resorts, Bluebird’s slopeside lodging doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We made our lodging affordable so more people can have the experience of spending the night cozied up on a snow covered mountain in the winter.


No Crowds

Coming to Bluebird can feel a little bit like you time traveled to a land before chairlifts, lift lines, and busy slopes. Our lodging offers a soulful respite from the crowds. It is physically distant by design and intended to give you an opportunity to decompress from the busyness of everyday life. We’re not saying staying at Bluebird is therapeutic, but we’re also not saying it isn’t. Maybe that double negative made you think too hard and you need to relax a little? Well there’s no better way to relax than a night at Bluebird.


Something for Everyone

Do you have an adventurous family or a bunch of touring buddies that want to spend a night or two on Bear Mountain with you? We’ve got you covered: Skin-To and Basecamp domes both sleep up to five guests. Looking for a chill evening with your touring buddy or significant other? We’ve got you covered: Brown Bear and Campfire cabins both sleep two guests. You’re coming up to Bluebird solo and hoping to meet some people to ski with? We’ve got you covered: Grizzly Hostel is the best way to meet other backcountry enthusiasts. Maybe you’re doing #vanlife and just need a spot to park your rig? We’ve got you covered: We offer camping in our lot, complete with fire rings, picnic tables and restrooms.



Last, but certainly not least: don’t worry, we didn’t forget your furry four-legged canine friends. Last year we had dog days on operational weekdays only. This year we are excited to announce that every day we operate is a dog day! With the exception of Grizzly Hostel, all of our lodging options are dog friendly. That means you don’t have to put your pup in the kennel when you book a night at Bluebird. Instead, they can come along for the adventure. Dog Passes are $10 a day, and are FREE with the purchase of 22/23 Season Pass.


Click here to learn more about our new lodging.


bluebird backcountry brown bear cabins

Take your coat off and stay a while. Photo: Justin Wilhelm