Meet the Team: Aaron Peterson

The past two seasons Aaron has taught AIARE Courses with us and we’re super excited that this season he’ll be returning as our Avalanche Program Lead! Aaron grew up in Minnesota and currently resides in Crested Butte with his wife and toddler. You may recognize his name from our Spooky Snowpack Blog, in which we chatted with him about snow science and avalanche inspired halloween costumes. He is more than just an avalanche expert and costume connoisseur though. He is a man of many talents. When there isn’t snow on the ground, he is a chiropractor for performance horses. Continue reading to learn what piece of gear Aaron can’t live without, and more!

Title (Position):

Avalanche Program Lead

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How many seasons have you worked at Bluebird?

This will be my third.

Why did you want to work for Bluebird?

I love Bluebird’s approach to creating a safe, accessible, and welcoming place for folks to get out backcountry skiing. Plus it’s a really fun crew to work with.

What are you most excited for this season?

I’m a bit of a snow nerd, so watching the individual snow crystals and the snowpack they create morph and change throughout the season is always fascinating. And skiing… and bacon.

Favorite skin track at Bluebird?

Wapiti Way for the endless aspen groves.

Favorite run at Bluebird?

Cow Call / Krem de la Krem for the same aspen surfing.

Outside of Bluebird, where else do you like to ski/ride?

I’m based in Crested Butte and love seeking out new places around my home valley.

What’s your go-to après food or drink?

It’s probably an unpopular choice, but Dogfish Head actually makes a really good Pumpkin Ale. That and chocolate chip cookies.

When not skiing/splitboarding, what do you love to do?

Ride around the neighborhood with my toddler on his strider bike.

Aside from Bluebird, what’s your favorite type of bird?

The loon- I grew up listening to them in Minnesota

If you could be any magical or supernatural creature, what would you be and why?

I’ve always liked elves for their forest knowledge. Particularly the JRR Tolkien type, but North Pole and Keebler elves are cool too.

What is your favorite kind of burrito?

Anything that includes avocados or guacamole and cheese.

What piece of gear can’t you live without?

A thermos in the winter and sunglasses year round

What’s the best backcountry touring tip you’ve ever heard?

It’s supposed to be fun.