Set-Up Update 22/23

If you were a bird flying over Rabbit Ears Pass this week, you might not hear the usual shouts of joy as skiers cruise through the pow or yells for “more bacon!” up at the Perch. But you would hear the sounds of…CONSTRUCTION!

How many members of our flock does it take to build a skin-to dome? What are we naming our new trail? Setup is in full swing over on Bear Mountain and there’s not a moment to waste. Opening Day is Thursday, December 29th, and we’re working to create the best day ever for the Bluebird fam. Let’s take a look at what the team is up to.

Getting West Bowl ready

Our ski patrol team has been keeping busy with avalanche mitigation work over on West Bowl. Snow compaction has been a major focus. The team also set up signage, ropes, and terrain closures. It’s almost ready to ski…

Avalanche mitigation work has begun on Bear Mountain as well – we can’t wait to ski our new run, Disco Picnic. Full steam ahead through Opening Day!

Domes, domes, and more domes!

Setting up domes is our biggest focus at the moment. Our education dome is framed up and nearly ready to go – get stoked for those AIARE courses! However, there are many more domes to be built. With our new basecamp dome and skin-to dome lodging options, we’re not worried about staying busy as setup rolls into next week.

Rental preparations

As you might guess, we’ve got a lot of skis (and splitboards, and boots, and safety gear). We’ve gotta get them all tuned and polished before renting ‘em out! Our team has spent a lot of time this week preparing our rentals for guest use.

Reserve your rentals today for a no-stress day at Bluebird.

Setting up utilities

Did you know that much of Bluebird is powered by solar energy?! This week, we set up the utilities that keep Bluebird up and running (think: keeping our warming huts warm). Our solar panels are in place and propane tanks ready – we’re just waiting on firewood!

Setup at Bluebird Backcountry

Havin’ some fun

Ski area setup is hard work, but luckily, our team is getting a chance to get out and play in the snow. Keep it up, guys!

For a closer look at setup, check out our video below: